Sunday, May 30, 2010

Poppies and Birds Finished! Some Thoughts on ART!

Its Sunday Morning of a 3 day weekend and I am in Bliss! YES I miss my husband and LOVE it when he's here spending a weekend with me. But, to have my own uninterrupted ART play weekend is priceless!! I'm in my pajamas, no makeup, the dishes are not done...but I DONT NOTICE today because there's no one they might bother but me and I'm too busy creating....I have a few little trials going on in my life( or maybe pretty major) and I could be wringing my hands, searching the internet for ways to solve them, calling everyone I know for advice and talking incessantly about my worries but AM I??? No!!!!!!! I could be doing those things and its not that I don't care, but I have been given a little Island oasis in the sometimes stormy and terrifying sea of life to stop fighting the waves, lay back, contemplate life, completely rest and gulp down some peace I've been desperately thirsting for. Like many of you, I work 5 days a week,(in a left brained job) and not just work, work HARD(16 scheduled speech therapy appointments a day with children ages 2-16 of which at least HALF have some form of mild to severe AUTISM)...get home about 6:00 exhausted (mentally, physically and emotionally)most nights and can hardly muster up the creative energy to choose what to cook for dinner, what to take for lunch the next day or watch on TV, much less, get out my stuff, plan a project and do it!! I wake up most weekdays with creating art on my mind....I usually take a little artsy something in my bag to work to just look at and dream about throughout the day as I brush past unfinished painting, a bag of colored pencils, an art instruction book, blank watercolor paper or art reference photos of beautiful images torn out of magazines or printed off the internet to inspire me...This is my pick me up, my therapy, my anchor of what life is really about, my stolen moment of joy....this is truly a gift from God and believe me I know that loving HIM and knowing HIM is really what it's about. But, art and creating beauty are not a only a gift from HIM...they ARE HIM.....think about it.... IN the beginning GOD....What?.........CREATED.....That's our first intro of God's character and dealings with us living,walking,thinking, beautiful, created-in-HIS-image,beings with a soul down here on the big beautiful ball called "Earth"(another of his masterpieces). I hope I'm not just throwing a bunch of meaningless and boring words on a blog that no one really cares to read...I hope you feel the passion with which I write....EVERYTHING is ART!!...You are art, your house is art, your car is art,your job is art(Even if all you do is answer the can do it artfully, right????) your HAIR is art, your face a canvas, your closet an art bin, your jewelry are embellishments...THe world is art...from the ZEBRA to the hairless cat...God has an endless range of Imaginative and creative ideas...and not all are really beautiful to us, but they must have been to him...a poodle, a lion, a flower, a weed, a scorpion, a dragonfly, a rhino, a poinsetta, a ROACH???, a giraffe, an oak, a cactus, a river, a puddle,a pond, a lake...THE OCEAN!!!!!! Wow, what a creative God of contrasts...but if you try to get to know HIM you will find, that HIS most beautiful and magnificent of all masterpieces is the human spirit. When you choose to give your heart, soul, mind and very being to HIM and accept His most glorious and beautiful human/God creation..the person of Jesus Christ as your personal, most intimate best friend, highest level authority, most dependable advice giver, greatest listener ever, truest lover, one stop shop for wisdom, peace and love and last but not least...(sorry for the endless lists but one word never seems enough when there are 10-20 available)...your RESCUER, REDEEMER, SAVIOUR, and LAST AND ONLY HOPE!!!!, Your ALPHA and OMEGA!!!......then, when you do this, YOUR spirit becomes the canvas of THE become His work, His masterpiece ...your life, your choices, your DNA, your circumstances and experiences are the supplies he has to make this masterpiece, and believe me, HE can use ANYTHING as the most expert artist can, to create this uniquely gorgeous creation called you...if you will let question to you (and myself, because we make this choice every day) is...TODAY....WILL you let Him create, mold and make you into that Glorious masterpiece HE has envisioned for your life?...quietly in your heart breathe out a "yes" for today........and let THE MASTER begin...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bird admires Poppies!

I'm in heaven!! A weekend to do nothing much but paint...just painting for fun and for expression...I'm feeling drawn to birds, butterflies and flowers....these are my first poppies to paint ever!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New listings on ETSY!!

These paintings were just posted on EtSY all originals on box edge canvas 8x8 ready to hang ..would look great as a grouping and only 15.00 each!!!!!!


Many of these were sold at our Ladies Retreat in March, and I sold the two florals and the country church last night to an old friend from childhood that saw my paintings on facebook.

I just thought I'd share some of my recently sold paintings with you!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Colored Pencil butterflies

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! These are some more butterflies I've been working on in colored pencil....this is just pure fun and learning.....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

colored pencils!!

This is a bird I drew in my sketchbook and the one with the blue background is a photoshop version..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

What a great gift!

A patient was dismissed today and this is what the parents gave me as a good bye's the best ever! I hope you can read the words because this personalized poem is so sweet.....
I am so blessed to have such great kids and parents to work with!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dream Angel and Butterfly!!

I am painting again!! Yay! We finally finished our discipleI bible study class at church which was on Sunday afternoons. Although I learned so much and met some very wonderful new friends, I am so glad to have an opportunity to paint again. Sunday afternoon is my creative time. I finished this angel and painted a butterfly from a photo I took at St. Simons Island in GA.