Saturday, July 30, 2011

CRAZY FOR ROSES...ACEO creativity continues! Prismacolor Pencils ROCK!!!

Rose on Dark ChocolateClick to purchase on ETSY

You Had Me at Hello

You are My Sunshine

Delicate Rose

These ACEOs are so fun to make! Just click on the titles to see on ETSY - ALL are 6.00.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I want to Bless you with this Song...

I know, this is supposed to be an ART blog and you are looking for a colorful image, but I heard this on the way to work and I believe there is someone out there who needs to hear these words today. The link for the you tube video Someone Worth Dying For by Mikes Chair is HERE.

Here are the Lyrics:

You might be the wife, waiting up at night
You might be the man, struggling to provide
Feeling like it's hopeless
Maybe you're the son, who chose a broken road
Maybe you're the girl, thinking you'll end up alone
Praying God can you hear me?
Oh God are you listening?

Am I more than flesh and bone?
Am I really something beautiful?
Yeah I wanna believe, I wanna believe that
I'm not just some wandering soul
That you don't see and you don't know
Yeah I wanna believe, Jesus help me believe that I
Am someone worth dying for

I know you’ve heard the truth that God has set you free
But you think you're the one that grace could never reach
So you just keep asking, oh what everybody's asking

Am I more than flesh and bone?
Am I really something beautiful?
Yeah I wanna believe, I wanna believe that

I'm not just some wandering soul
That you don't see and you don't know
Yeah I wanna believe, Jesus help me believe that I
Am someone worth dying for
Find More lyrics at

You're worth it, you can’t earn it
yeah the cross has proven
That you're sacred and blameless
Your life has purpose

**You are more than flesh and bone
Can't you see you're something beautiful
Yeah you gotta believe, you gotta believe
He wants you to see, He wants you to see
That you're not just some wandering soul
That can't be seen and can't be known
Yeah you gotta believe, you gotta believe that you
Are someone worth dying for

You're someone worth dying for
You're someone worth dying for

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm Going for 100!

In Celebration....My 100th Blog follower will receive a piece of original art just created.... Please let everyone know! Click here to see the description on ETSY.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I am going on a creativity binge and I can't stop painting or drawing! I have so many images in my mind that I want to paint or draw that I have just started doing small canvases and ACEOS just so I can get them all done...I will pick my favorites and do bigger paintings later. These ORIGINAL aceos are all 6.00 on ETSY CLICK HERE TO BUY.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Click here to go to my treasury and make a comment!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Lord God is a Sun and Shield...

Day at the Beach 45.00 click here to purchase

Day at the Beach 2, click here to buy
I love going to the beach at Amelia Island on the weekends with my husband me the beach and the ocean are a worshipful temple of our God...its so beautiful and bright there and the majestic grace of our creator resounds with every crashing wave. I can never paint enough of the beach, ocean and palm trees.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Some of my recent original paintings and one that sold yesterday!

Shell on the Shore 16x20 on Canvas 120.00 Painted as a result of my many weekend trips to Amelia Island Florida, since moving to this area in 2006.

Good Morning! So glad you stopped by and here are a few of my recent larger paintings that I finally put up for sale this morning on ETSY. The morning poppies original painting sold yesterday! YAY! Click on the links to see them on ETSY and purchase. I have included other links in this post that are interesting as well.
Morning Poppies SOLD - This was done during WYANNE's Art Play Class
Love at First Sight on 24x36 canvas 230.00 This was started during Wyanne's Paint Free Class which I highly recommend
Manet's Two Pears on 8x10 canvas 22.00 This was done just because I love Manet and his Two Pears painting and I wanted to see if I could do it!
Monet's Water Lilies 11x14 on canvas 49.00
Reflection Time 16x20 on canvas 120.00 This was also started during Wyanne's Paint Free Class. I have been in one of her classes almost every month of this year. I love relaxing on my back porch and reflecting on the day.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Garden of Joy

Garden of Joy is now on ETSY! This is one of my favorite paintings ever! I had some individual coaching on this from WYANNE! I adore this little bird sitting in the wind staying strong and enjoying her perch! The joy come from the beauty all around and the strength to endure all that blows past her! For sale now on ETSY for 175.00 PAYPAL accepted.

Veggie and Fruit Original Paintings on 5x7 Canvas

Some still life paintings. I am jazzed about painting right now. These are for sale on ETSY here 25.00 each

Spring Morning Sunrise HUGE DISCOUNT Fifty percent

This was one of my more involved undertakings as far as a painting goes. Please see sale price here: Spring Morning Sunrise Painting

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

aceo paintings

For sale on ETSY HERE

Figurative Original Painting with Birds

This painting was painted on a highly textured canvas using an impressionistic style.
You may purchase this painting "Magical Moments" on a box canvas with edges painted here on ETSY