Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A gift of thanks...

Hi This is the painting I made in honor of my doctor and I gave it to him on Monday. I think he liked it. Anyway, I am thankful to be feeling so much better and to be free from the constant worry about my tachycardia. Thank you Lord for sending me to Dr. Sagi. He said my follow ups are over and I only need to come back if I have concerns.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hi! Self portrait and more scripture paintings...

Hi! I hope you are all well! I am so busy now with the praise band at church, taking a discipleship class and getting ready to display my scripture paintings at the grand opening of Living Waters Christian Bookstore in Kingsland, GA on August 22!
I am so blessed and thankful to God for his gifts and goodness to me.
Today,I am going to see Dr. Sagi, my cardiologist, for my 10 month check up since my heart catheterization and ablation surgery last October. I am so grateful for all that God has done to use this Doctor to heal my "racing heart" condition and make the quality of my life so much better! Thank you Lord you are so good. God's love is truly amazing and his compassion never fails and I give him all the glory! One of you suggested that I give Dr. Sagi the painting that I made in honor of him and I am going to give it to him today and I will take a picture to show you on my next post!
Have a truly blessed day!!