Saturday, October 25, 2008

ETSY Artists stocking stuffer Treasury and Contest!!

Stocking stuffer treasury!! Choose your favorites and win!!
See details and prizes at the bottom of this posting!!!

wristlet gadget pouch -

seascrub soap by

pink and chocolate paisley magnets by

paris aceo by

nutcracker soaps by

mini scrapbook by

memo sized altered clipboard by

hairjewels by

Gourmet Tea Sampler 7.50 by

frankincense,gold and myrhh soap by

dexter snowman magnet by

designer luggage tags by

- snowman earrings

christmas tree hair clippie by

birdhouse coasters by


colleen said...

I love the snow men earrings. If I changed mine more than once a century, I'd love those for all of Decemeber! Good luck!

Colleen Nori

Cookie Creations said...

Thank you for choosing Dexter as one of your stocking stuffers. Your choices are fantastic. My favorites are, Snowman earrings, Christmas tree hair clippie and Designer Flower ID Tags

RFColorfulCreations said...

Love your stocking stuffer collection. My top picks are Snowman magnet and snowman earrings

Cozy Cabin Creations said...

Oh what a difficult choice!!! My 3 favorites are:

wristlet gadget pouch
pink and chocolate paisley magnets and
frankincense,gold and myrhh soap by

smokeymountainscents said...

Wow. such wonderful items. My faves would be the Frankincese and Myrhh soap, teas by teaman and the klipboard by kuteklips.

Anonymous said...

I like the snowman earrings of course; the wrislet and the nutcracker soaps.

Very cute.

Shay said...

Wonderful blog.

cinnamonspice said...

What a fun contest! My 3 faves are the paisely magnets, the klipboard by amy and frankincense,gold and myrhh soap by mommy's little helper!

althena12 said...

Thanks for choosing my Paris aceo for this contest, I am honored

Marlene said...

Boy this is a hard choice really great stocking stuffers. My favorites are:

Paris ACEO, Wrist Gadget Pouch, and the Snowman earrings are adorable.

FlutterBaby Gifts said...

My favorites are, Frankincese and Myrhh soap, Snowman earrings, and the Christmas tree hair bow

Pam said...

My top 3 favorites are

paris aceo by

memo sized altered clipboard by

mini scrapbook by

Lucy said...

My choices are the Paris Aceo, the Tea, and the cute clipboard :)

Great choices for all really!

Kathy said...

Wonderful choices =) here are my favorites!

Paris ACEO
mini scrapbook
frankinsense, gold & myrrh soap


Sock Monkey Jungle said...

i always look at your new stuff when you post i especialy love the wristlet the colours are beautiful! I am a soap addict too lol so that looks yum to me :O) and i remember commenting in forums about your snowman its so adorable.Oh your lion painting is beautiful too your friend must love it! Nice giveaways and very kind of you! Good Luck everyone! :O)
P.s i have a giveaway too!!

Niklyn Designs said...

HI! Loving the Nutcracker soaps, the cute mini clipboard and the tea by teaman...Good Luck!!

New England Quilter said...

These are my 3 faves:
Nutcracker soaps
Wristlet Gadget Pouch
Gourmet Tea Sampler

Thank you for the fun contest!

Amariah said...

My 3 Faves:
Wristlet gadget pouch by Antique Basket Lady
Designer Luggage Tag by RFColorful Creations
Altered Clipboard by KuteKlipBoards by Amy

Awesome Products!!!

Anonymous said...

! Great contest! Here are my favorites:
Wristlet pounch
paisley magnets
snowman earrings
Thanks so much! ~ Heidi

Emily of Ella-Bear Bowtique said...

My favorites are the clipboard, the frankensense soap, and the paisley magnets.

Great blog contest!

Jenny said...

My three favorites are:
1. frankincense,gold and myrhh soap by scrapbook by tree hair clippie by

But these are all LOVELY stocking stuffers! This is a beautiful collection.

Gallery Juana said...

Lovely stocking stuffer collection. My 3 top picks:

1. paris aceo

2. nutcracker soaps

3. designer luggage tags

ArtSnark said...

Great stocking stuffers! My favorites are paris aceo, frankincense gold and myrhh soap, and pink and chocolate paisley magnets. Wonderful selection you have here.

Stacey M

Shelleybean said...

totally cute stocking stuffer ideas guys! Happy Holiday Shopping!


BadCat said...

Fun contest! My favorites are:

Frankincense, gold, myrhh soap. I've actually bought some and LOVE the scent.

The klipboard is adorable by amy

and the luggage/ID tags.

Maddie and Mommy said...

Mommy's Little Helper Soap, gourmet tea sampler and snowman earrings
Those are my three choices

Bubba & Rye said...

Magnolya Designs....fantastic design on those magnets!

MommysLittleHelper has fantastic prooducts and that is a beautiful bar of soap!

BlingBowtique, that Christmas Tee design couldn't be better!

Eveline said...

Such great items!

My top 3 would be:

1. The magnets. They are absolutely gorgeous!

2. The ACEO. They make such great gifts! And I need to spice up my collection.

3. The tea sampler set. I'm starting Nanowrimo on Nov. 1st, so I will be needing a nice brew to keep me going.

Christy DeKoning said...

The Paris ACEO, the snowmen earrings, and the paisley magnets get my vote!

Great idea :-)

cutesieclips said...

Great choices, love them all, but I really like...kuteklipboards, Mommyslittlehelper and the messanger bag at the top of the list!

createitcottage said...

Great choices!! My favorites are wristlet gadget pouch, Paris ACEO, and meme sized altered clipboard.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a collection of lovelies! Well, I am partial to Sue's work from Antiquebasketlady. Her wristlet is so cute! Those pink paisley magnets are adorable as well...oh...and that Christmas tree hair clippie is too die for! Wow, what a treat and a great giveaway!


Cora Marie Boutique said...

Thank you for choosing my blue bird coaster set. It is one of my favorites also.

Anthony said...

Thank you so much for including me in your Stocking Stuffer Feature. All your choices are lovely. My favorites are the Paisley Mags, The Snowmen earring and of course the Christmas Tree Clippie!!

Thanks again!!!

harvestorm said...

Here are my three favorites:

1. paris aceo
2. wristlet gadget pouch
3. hairjewels

Great bunch of stocking stuffer ideas! Buy Handmade!!!

chronic chick said...

I really like the wristlet, the mini scrap book and clipboard. THey are all very creative and beautiful.

Chronic Chick Talk

Above is active blog

mommabeaver25 said...

1)wristlet gadget pouch
2)snowman earrings
3)memo sized altered clipboard

All are so cute!

Devin said...

Super cute treasury:0) you picked out so great stuff:0)

Anonymous said...

My favorites in order are the (1) Paisley Magnets, (2) Frankincense, Gold and Myrhh soap, (3) Designer Luggage Tags

Beth Singleton said...

My 3 favorite items from the list above would have to be:

1) The mini scrapbook is so cute!
2) The seascrub soap
3) The pink and brown magnets

Meagan said...

Definitely the designer luggage tags... ANYTHING that can help differentiate my luggage from the 12,000 other big red bags.
My other favorites are the Nutcracker soaps and the Snowman earrings. They put me in the mood for Christmas Carols.

roshwill* said...

1.Please Comment and post your 3 favorites in your comment.

2.You may only comment one time to choose your favorites.

3.Contest ends midnight Saturday November 8, 2008.

4. The total number of comments will be divided by 2 and that number comment will be the winning entry. If it is a fraction, it will be rounded up the the next number.

i love the mini scrapbook i would surely want to have that on my bday on nov 10.

June Shin said...

My 3 favorites are the paris ACEO, the gourmet tea sampler, and the seascrub soap.

carmel said...

I'ts too hard to choose three-they are all great. If I have to choose it would be

Stitch Witch said...

The frankincense, gold, and myrrh soap - such a clever idea for the holidays!

Fighter of the Night Man said...

So many great options! I like the Paris aceo, the tea, and the seascrub soap.