Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Getting Creative again..

I can always trust my favorite art bloggers out there to get my creative juices flowing again, so I've been watching Art Du Jour by Martha Lever and those taking classes with All Norah's Art by Sharon Tomlinson. I've been watching some of Wyanne's free demo painting videos and I've just gotten back into it! I've also enjoyed watching the progression of painting Norah's faces class on Artistic Accents by Darla. So thank you everyone! Anyway, I got inspired to do a face of my own since ya'll's(is that a word?) are so adorable!!! Another little painting is included of just fun spring time stuff. I think I'll add a scripture to that one too!!


sleepyhead designs studio said...

I love your artwork-just checking out your etsy things-I love the blue vase with the bright flowers! The colors are great! I've just started doing some collage type art too--love Martha's site, it always inspires me too.

lori vliegen said...

your paintings are beautiful.....and i totally agree with you about finding inspiration in blogland! it's amazing how many generous, talented artists are out there!! :))

Martha Lever said...

This is wonderful!!! I love the girls you paint. Thanks for the link and you asked how I got my photos to look like that. I used my photo box thing with the seamless background that I made myself and then in photoshop I used the select color in the background and deleted and it left the shadow. It was pretty much a fluke thing. Did I make any sense at all???