Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back on Land!!

I'm back from our cruise and we had a WONDERFUL time...great family bonding!!
Here are pictures of some artsy stuff....At the Audobon House in Key West, FL, I bought this little book of Audobon prints...I also bought a little flamingo made out of a pod from some artist in Africa...then I am showing you a stuffed flamingo I bought in Nassau Bahamas and a picture of a Flamingo from the little Audobon print book I bought - Also I included some art I took photos of from the Art show and Auction on the Cruise. The boat scene was a print on wood hand embellished and started at 575.00 at auction and the flag was a print hand embellished by Peter Max, a famous pop artist who was comissioned by Nancy Reagan to do this flag in honor of her late started at 7,800.00!!! I learned that John Audobon, who painted the famous birds in 450 watercolors and then printed them on plates, sold the original 200 life sized printed books of his 450 prints for 1,000.00 each in the 1800's and at Southebys Auction in the 1990's in one night collectively his prints (individually)from the books sold for a total of more than 3 million. He started out as a boy who loved to draw birds. His dad set him up in a business that failed and as a result of his depression after this, he did nothing but paint and draw birds to soothe himself. This led to his paintings, prints and the Audobon Society. WOW!!

Also here are some family photos of me, my husband and the boys, Gene JR 18 and Edgar cute!!

Here are some favorite photos of artsy stuff...birds, flowers.etc..I'm sorry this is all out of order, I dont know how to do this correctly!!!

Here are also photos of Hemmingways house in Key West, FL, some of his gardens, rooms, and art collections....

Also a few photos of Cozumel's special beach getaway from the shore excursion we went on the catamarand - the boats, the floats, the hammocks ..very nice!!

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Suzanne Batchelor's Blog said...

looks like you had a FANTASTIC TIME....I love beach/water vacations....john and I are going to St. Martin for 2 weeks in October...can't wait! Welcome back!