Saturday, June 13, 2009

What shall I paint?

Here are 5 photos from my vacation - the flowers and rooster are all from key west, FL the beach is on Cozumel, Mexico. I'm thinking of making one of them into my next painting on canvas. I would do them on a large canvas - 16 x 20 or so... Which one do you think would be the best for painting?


Jill said...

i vote for the purple flower - love it!

Maria said...

thank you for your comment on my Abstract birds painting! Lovely photos , the purple flower especially!

Terry said...

I love them all,
I chose each one as I first scrolled thru the photos.
What a fabulous vacation.
The flower really stood out ,next the rooster,and than surf boards of course .
I love summer so much color every where you look.
Have a wonderful week.
Happy Trails

Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

First I just want to say thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment the other day. I really appreciate it! And I love when I have new visitors, so I do hope you come back!
As for your next paintin, I think I like the single purple flower. I love that glowing center it has. What ever you choos, I can't wait to see the finished painting!

Suzanne Batchelor's Blog said...

rooster for sure