Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Giveaway! Bird and Eggs Notecards!

A random drawing will be held on Friday, Oct. 7 for the sweet bird with eggs Note card set of 12.
All you have to do is find Gifts of Creation on Facebook, click on the bird with eggs notecard etsy link, then make a comment on my Facebook page with the link to the notecards from your blog or facebook page where you are posting it!...or any other way you want to promote them! Just click here to get started on my Facebook page OR if you don't have facebook, just visit the notecards in my etsy store and then post a link to this blog post on your blog or twitter! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful, but I don't have FB. Hope you get lots of participation.

Anonymous said...

Oh, well, I don't have FB either. I love these cards, though! :)

Jeri (from the paradise team on Etsy)

talha said...

I really appreciate you skills,specially the sparrow with eggs,is this for sale and whats the price?I want to send it some one as a gift.

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