Monday, October 3, 2011

New Notecards -New Digital Painting ...See below for chance to WIN them!

I have created a notecard set out of my painting "spring morning sunrise". It was really fun to use printshop to move the little bird to her nest. ITs like I have a brand new painting using digital means! How exciting. Do you like it? I love the new composition! Here's the original painting below:

Here is a listing for the set of 12 notecards, 4 of each design on ETSY. AND SEE BELOW FOR FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY LINK.

Would you be interested in winning this notecard set in a GIVEAWAY on my FACEBOOK Fan Page?
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angelself said...

This is a really sweet set of cards. What a fab idea to use diff parts of a beautiful painting...just wonderful! Kathryn

Zonia Cruz said...

So innovative I like this set of cards. Keep posting!

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Michael Leavenworth said...

I love the concept, very light and open to a variety of consumers. It's a friendly cute image.

A critique for the artist, as an avid bird enthusiast, I'm a little disturbed by the subject matter. The bird you depicted is undoubtedly a male North American Kestrel, yet you turned it into a abstraction of some sort of song bird by triangulating it's beak, removing the identifying curve and putting it in an environment non-representational of it's magestic predatory nature.

So, in conclusion, perhaps in the future, include a more relatable species of bird in the composition.

Otherwise, nice handling of the medium and fair draftsmanship.

Good luck!

Gifts of Creation said...

Dear Michael,
Thanks for your feedback. I painted from a photo I took at a bird sanctuary in Florida. I appreciate your critique, I was painting a colorful scene and I wanted to include colorful bird that I had photographed. I did not study this bird before painting it. I am no professionally trained artist, it is a fun and rewarding hobby for me resulting in a few sales here and there on ETSY...
Here is the photo I painted from..I try to paint what I see...