Sunday, January 9, 2011

Art Play Class painting

This painting was a result of watching week 2 of Wyanne's Art Play class. The painting was started using background techniques such as masking, glazes, printing with crinkled paper, alcohol drops and paint drops. A picture of a woman from a magazine was rubbed out with acetone and accidently torn. She was clipped out and collaged on with modge podge. Then, looking at the shapes in the background, I was drawn to certain areas and started painting what seemed to emerge. I had no aim for a final outcome, and this was the fun part! I am happy with the final painting. The underpainting of techniques used makes it look distressed and interesting.


Kathleen said...

Very fun painting! I like the combination of techniques very much. Looks like so much fun to do!

Christine Burgess said...

I really like this painting. Great fun.