Sunday, January 23, 2011

DREAMER - Wyanne's - Paint Free - Week 3 Painting

This is the dreamer up close

This is the angel up close...I love her wing!

This is the final version of "DREAMER"

This is the collaged torn pieces
This is the week one painting that was the background
This is one of my painted letters

This is a class about finding your own style of painting. I am really learning so much. In this assignment, we wrote letters to those who discouraged and broke our creative spirit..and forgave them and then we wrote a letter to those who encouraged and freed our creative spirit and expressed our appreciation and love to them. Then we painted over these letters, tore them to tiny pieces and collaged them over our week 1 30 minute painting assignment. We covered the original painting and made it into a new painting over the collaged pieces. VERY FUN!!! I loved this......I call it "DREAMER"


Serena said...

Great finish! This type of process can be very healing.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks great...very interesting process too!

Debtadvice said...

I finally decided to post a thought, and let me tell you that these are nicely finished and heart touching. I have been checking some of your earlier paintings and i found very beautiful.
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Jane Davenport said...

Hi Magdalene, I went through the same wonderful process when I did Wyanne's class last year. Paint Free is an eye and heart opener, right?!!!

I love, LOVE your Dreamer artwork. And thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a hello - happiness!

Kim Ellery said...

I loved this assignment too! I love how your painting turned out ( the painted letter AND Dreamer!)
Keep posting... I want to see what comes next!