Saturday, January 29, 2011

Reflection Time

This is a painting done as week 4 asignment from Wyanne's class "Paint Free". IT is layers of paint, gesso, gel medium and glass bead medium. It has an written message under the piaint on the canvas itself which is part of the background. Alcohol drops were used on the background as well.


Donna Heart said...

Hi Magdalene! I bet you are absolutely loving Wyanne's class! Your painting is beautiful - is it done in oils? I don't think I could ever achieve something like that! And your portraits - they're amazing! What a talent - thanks so much for stoppin gby and having a look around and a read at my site - it's just so nice to connect with like-minded souls :)
x Donna

Jennifer Snellings said...

Hi Magdalene!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments! I love your blog!! Your paintings are so lovely and your portraits just amazing! You have an incredible gift!!

How are you enjoying Wyanne's class? Isn't she so wonderful!! She has been such a blessing and a huge influence in my life and my art! I feel so fortunate to be able to learn from her and truly consider her my mentor. I highly recommend any of her classes! She has the gift of teaching and encouragement and will push you to knew hights in a loving and gentle way!!

It is so nice to "meet" you!! I look forward to getting to know you better and seeing what you create next!! :)

Take care,

Jennifer Snellings said...

Hi Again!

I forgot to mention I checked out your pictures with Martha! How wonderful that you two got meet! She seems like such a neat lady! I would love to have the opportunity meet in person some of my new blogging friends!! How fun!