Friday, February 27, 2009

ART by Wyanne

I wish I had made this!!!
Wyanne Thompson made this wonderful painting. Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting her studio at blue door artists studio in downtown Fernandina Beach, FL on Centre street on Amelia Island. I also got to visit with Casey Matthews who has very beautiful and inspiring artwork as well. Please visit all the links in this post!!
I live in Yulee, not too far from there. Wyanne'spaintings are so charming in person!! Anyway, I bought a pack of 8 postcards with 4 designs for 12.00 and I bought a 28.00 print of this "Good Mess" because it helps me comfort myself when I get self-critical about my messy art room/'s all spilling together right now. IT IS a GOOD mess!!!!!! and a happy one I might add..


wyanne said...

I'm so sorry for missing you when you came by! I would have loved to meet you. Thank you again for such a sweet post, and your interest in my work...You are the best.


Anonymous said...

I am so pleased you were able to visit Wyanne's art gallery and purchase one her beautiful piece of art.
Thank you so much for your message, I wish I had enough money to visit these doctors in the USA.
Good news I have enough to goto Budapest, costing just under £50.00 there and back by plane. I have been there before last January. Going on the 24th March. I'll place a post on my blog about it. Keeping my fingers crossed!