Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Time for Art

I am making time for art in 2009. I have been so inspired by so many of you. This also my entry for Illustration Friday's topic - "Time". Those of you on my blog list are just some of the artists that have encouraged me. I am a full time pediatric speech-language pathologist but I am going to try to just do art for fun this year whenever I can. I made this ACEO of a rooster. The inspiration was actually a photo on some speech flashcards I was using for teaching the "R" sound. I think I will do an ACEO bird in line are a flamingo, seagull and a cardinal. I LOVE all kinds of birds!!

Here is also a poem I found inspiring:

Time for Everything

Take time to work-
It is the price of success

Take time to think-
It is the source of power

Take time to play-
It is the secret of perpetual youth

Take time to read-
It is the fountain of wisdom

Take time to be friendly-
It is the road to happiness

Take time to pray-
It is the greatest power on earth

Take time to dream-
It is hitching your wagon to a star

Take time to love and be loved-
It is the privelege of God's children

Take time for others-
It is too short a day to be selfish

Take time to laugh-
It is the music of the soul

Take time for beauty-
It is a banquet for the heart


REDLAN said...

what a colorful cock.

Doda said...

Lovely art, and a lovely poem!

Jill said...

thanks for the kind words on our blog! I too am LOVIN' birds in my art!

lori vliegen said...

your ACEO idea is wonderful and the poem is beautiful! thanks for your nice comment on my blog...i appreciate the stamp link! :)

Rein said...