Sunday, June 13, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp post - "fluid"

So far, for the first week, I have really loved creativity boot camp. I dont know how long I can keep up since there's a new prompt daily and most everyone else just thinks of an idea, goes "click" and their work is done!! I have to think of an idea and actually render it with paint on paper somehow. My media is mixed media, so I did cheat and submit a photo for "grow" so anyway....The journal prompt was to think of how you are stuck in your creative style and break your own rules and do something new...I dont really know if I did that, but I have been doing a lot of faces, flowers, birds and butterflies lately so I went back and just did a plain old still life. I am a little intimidated by painting glass so I thought I'd try it again....BTW...I LOVE olive oil and makes everything taste great!!!! (maybe I'm part italian after this and the tuscan picnic entry..., well, I've just been wanting to go there my whole life....maybe on our 20th anniversary!!) This is like a 4 x6 as most of these creativity boot camp entries have been. I like these projects because they are small and doable in one day. At least, I'm challenging myself to not get bogged down and to do something quickly and fluidly and just see what turns up!!!!


Deanna said...

I love this one! You did great on the glass and I too love olive oil! I'm a freak for it. lol. I can tell the difference when my boyfriend is cooking with olive oil vs vegetable oil. It smells so good as it's heating up and paired with some onion and garlic, mmmm!

I also get what you mean about the time it takes to create a new prompt everyday. I was a little intimidated at first because there are so many photo entries. I love looking at all of the entries but I am partial to the ones that are drawn, painted or mixed media.

Great job, love your artwork!

Anonymous said... put something new out every day would be challenging for me, but you're doing a lovely job!

I've always admired painting, though it isn't an artistic endeavor of my own. You have beautifully captured the still objects and I think that I will look forward to seeing your other creations!

Toni said...

I agree with Deanna and AMKreations are doing a great job. I also love olive oil and limes. You're art is really coming along way. It has always been great though know I am your biggest fan!!!