Sunday, June 6, 2010

Winner Announced - 8 ACEO bible trivia contest!!!

I am also attachinga photo of my art for the's a sign for my friend's beachhouse!!...As I said in the original Blog post, I was going to have my husband pull out the name of the winner this morning and post it before church. But, he was sleeping in , so I went ahead and pulled out a name myself and it was Regina. But then, I had computer issues and could not post the winner until this afternoon, so I decided to start over and let my husband pull the name out as I had stated I would and he also pulled out Regina's name(this was meant to be Regina!!) the winner is.................

RGR Designs
Other entries included:

Rebecca and


Rebecca had the most interesting of the 3 correct entries so I decided to post her's here. Thanks Rebecca, your contest entry to the bible trivia contest was quite entertaining!!!
Here it is:
"Ok, I went to a Jesuit College and studied Judaism, and Christianity..but, really, I just drank beer and studied boys. I don't remember any of this stuff, but I guessed with what rubbed off on me and some common sense. I tried to confirm by googling, so yes, I studied a little. Here's what I came up with!

1.What 3 colors of thread/yarn are in the finely twisted linen used to make the 10 curtains of the old testament tabernacle?
Well, there had to be the three metals: gold, silver, and bronze. But I'm going with the regal colors, since I'm a fashindiva; Blue, Purple, and Scarlet, mixed with linen from the now extinct Jerusalem Linen animals.

2. What winged creature's image was to be worked into the linen?
I'd say the Phoenix, because it was really hot in Babylonia, but it would probably have to be cherubs, some angel action.

3. Where did the yarn in 3 colors come from? Well, who else but from the Israelites, naturally. There wasn't anyone else around! Pretty much a captive audience. Seriously, whoever had an open heart!

4. In this ancient detailed and artistic design, who was the master designer giving the instructions and who was the project manager in charge of production receiving the instructions?
Um, duh. The great designer of the state, Betsy Rossenblatt, (great great great great great great x10) grandmother to Betsy Ross; (they dropped the end of the name when they went to America). Maybe Her; and God and Moses.

Well, that's my best guess!


Gifts of Creation said...

Congratulations Regina! You will be receiving the 8 ACEOS in the picture posted below. Please email me your address!!

Regina said...

Thanks so much. Forgot to mention that I think your atc's are so cute & your wonderful bird convinced me to enter.
Will send email.

beth said...

thanks for stopping by.....
i haven't made any artist trading cards they still call them that ?
anyhow, now you've motivated me to do so :)

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

I love your ACEOs! And I really liked Rebecca's answers.

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

smellyrhinostudio said...

Congrats Regina! It was great fun! thanks for posting my answers. snort! Have a wonderful day.